Monday, April 28, 2014



We are entering the most troubled time in

the history of the world!

It seems that the world as we know it is soon to change forever.  We are headed headlong into the Greatest Tribulation the world has ever seen or ever will see again; and that's from the Scriptures.  Are you ready for WWIII, and the total takeover of the United States by Russia and China?  Ya know folks, they're already here in the States.  There is all kinds of proof on the Internet, go and look for yourselves.  The US is the last Bastian to be brought down so that the NWO can be put in place...more than likely run by Obama, Clinton, or Tony Blair; and I believe the latest Pope, Francis, might be the false prophet!!!  At any rate, whoever is running the show, be sure that the Beast System is coming for Jews and Christians.   This is a link to a Video Message that will bring you to Jesus, if your willing to open your heart to Him: It's time to repent and turn to the Lord, he is our only hope for the dark days just ahead of us!!!

Time is short, "Today is the day of Salvation"

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