Friday, March 14, 2014

A New Chapter

"A long ago dream now realized!"

At my mid-life age of 52+ years I look back now and see all the time that has passed me by.  As
I recall, my life's work was to be a Pastor, just like my Uncle Arthur, other clergy in farther
generations back,  though it was not meant to be- or so I thought!

     Without going into drudges and boring details, my life's journey took other paths that
down right justify the need of a Savior from sin, "my sin" and the being "born-again" experience
 of GOD Almighty, our Lord as true as I type these words.  I remember many times that Jesus
wasn't as real to me as I had seen in other's lives... yet going through the motions, or rights
of passage that gives our life those milestones that makeup a person's "life".

I mentioned "my sin"; you might think, this guy is a pastor and he "sins"?  "For all have sinned
and fall short of the glory of GOD".  Yes, even pastors sin, maybe not purposely, but we sin
just the same.  If you haven't figured it out; I am an Ordained Minister..." my long ago dream now

 It is with a deep joy in my soul, thankfulness and kneeling before my GOD, very humbled to
be among the ranks of the many clergy in this country and the entire world.  To be "Called"
into the Ministry, the work of the Church, and the shepherding of souls are almost over-
whelming in my heart and soul; though through the help of my Lord Jesus Christ, I solemnly
endeavor to do as the Lord has "called" me to do, by his Grace and Mercy His Will be done. Amen

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